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is that a thing? well, I missed throwback Thursday so yes, it IS a thing.
I decided to just rummage through my old pictures a little bit, and I found some amaze-balls studio pictures from my over-editing, artsy days in ol' Cramer's studio.

let us relish in the beauty of how far I've come, and thank the heavens and the earth I woke up.
Sooo yeah, some of these people, I grew up with and haven't talked to in a couple years. and some of them I still talk to! all sorts of randoms. I'm not a creep.
but hey, I do like some of these pictures if we're coming from a "I know these are too heavily edited" standpoint. 
Where are they now?

 being a professional amazing unbelievably cool artist still.

 There were shirtless pictures included but I thought that would be weird.
 still my bestie still awesome GOING TO NEW ZEALAND!
 IIIIII will always love you.
one of the best humans I've ever ever known!

There you have it folks, some random photos for your flashback friday---which is a thing.


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