VIEWER DISGRESSION ADVISED: I said hell in this post

Hi there. In case you were wondering, the conversation with my parents about a trip to Northern California was going pretty well. We were leaning more towards going up to Astoria, then down the coast to San Fransico and back home.
But unfortunately, the conversation ended with my dad saying "We can go if we camp"

hell to the nizzo. camping is camping, vacation is vacation.
So that's that. (but I'm not giving up. don't worry.)

My life has been a whole lot of studying and graphic design lately. with a lot of movies mixed in there. I love movies. Studying the reproductive system is the least-terrible chapter to study. seriously, let's all be honest. it's not one bit boring. it's so beyond nerdy of me to say, but it is INTERESTING STUFF! I got 87% on the Male system today, anddd tomorrow is the female. I'll probably fail it. ha.

The graphic design part. hmmph. well let's just say, I took off "Custom prints" in my shop for the time being, because I have been so bloody busy with one graphic that Mormon.org is having me do It's a super tricky one, because it's a longer quote than I'm used to. I was having a super frustrating time last night, because it's so different having to tiptoe around someone else's standards, and feeling like they're going to can you because you're not living up to them. ya know? It's just different and it takes some getting used to.

well, tomorrow is basically Christmas cause I'll get up in the morning and watch The Great Gatsby with my mom and Ivy. so CHEERS TO THAT!

whoa whoa whoa I almost forgot! Happy birthday to my little twerpish brother, Isaac. I call him Burt, or Pidge most of the time.
It's a huge cliche, but I cannot believe he is this old. he is in HIGH SCHOOL YOU PEOPLE!! he's just the nicest boy you'll ever meet, with a big heart and a big brain. I remember when he was born, barely. My ma said I didn't even hate him or have any sibling jealousy or nothin! I was just very obsessed with "holding him standing up"... I blame it on all the movies I watched. the root of that has got to be in there somewhere.

Well hey. Have an excellent rest of your night or day!

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