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So my twitter account. ... hmm. Twitter is stupid. I don't really know why I like it. cause it's kinda dumb! but then again it's not.
anyways the point is, I tweet. "Are you twittering that?!" -Joanna
Not everyone, however, has the pleasure of the treat that is my twitter feed.

so here are ... a lot...  of my recent-ish tweets. a step into my actual, barely-filtered mind, if you will. (for lack of anything better to blog about. for lack of interesting life.)

Today Ella boo boo put her head on my shoulder for a solid 5 seconds, and that is when my Sunday was complete.

Orlando freeeeeaking Bloom.

I've come to discover I'm less creeped out by Hannah's quiet neighborhood if I pretend it's Privet Drive.

Why can't I have a pet Dobby

When Harry sneaks into Hogwarts and steps forward in front of Snape and the doors fling open and the Order struts in

Middle Earth has been compared to Utah more than once tonight.

I looked behind me at church, and the cutest, classiest old lady smiled and winked at me. I don't know what it means but I love her.

"Bye Isaac have fun make friends be social bye!" Just told him everything opposite of my high school days. Hahaha

It's been a hellish day but on the bright side my scrubs are falling off ma waist.

The happiness of a little weight loss goes away when walking across the Cafe Rio parking lot with arms full and falling pants.

Ivy LOVES my opera singing despite what anyone (mom) may say.

 DIY whitewashed jeans: sit on a porch for an hour writing on a chalkboard. Perfectionism is required.

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