Thanks for being born, Mommers!

I am behind on this thing. I have about 3 things to actually write about, and I haven't even begun!
well now I have.
SATURDAY. no. no no. FRIDAY. was my dear ol' mum's birthday!
53 40 never looked better. I mean DAAAAYUM.

Have you ever met my mom? If  you haven't, come over to my house sometime. so you won't be left out.
I don't know a person who has an ill word to say against her, and if they do, they surely belong in the loony bin. She is HILARIOUS.

She was on the stake young women board when I was in young women, so at girls camp for a couple years, she would be up doing things at amphitheater in front of everyone. A lot of girls would be embarrassed by their moms, but I always remember thinking how proud I was to be her daughter. no one was sleeping when she was talking, everyone was laughing or just listening.
I felt like the daughter of a celebrity I tell you!

She is a pretty spectacular mom. she is just what I need. she gives blunt, down-to-earth advice, and if she can tell I'm holding back tears, she tells me to cry.

Thanks mama, for always always being there to love and support me.
and thanks so much also, for being just a tad bit dirty-minded. it makes conversation around here a lot more enjoyable, and those sex talks much less awkward ;) hashtag real talk.

happiest of birthdays, Jo! glad we got that hair situation figured out.

(In case you were wondering, I got her a Duck Dynasty t-shirt that is so hideous that she is banned from wearing it outside the house, and a Honey Boo Boo book, "how to redneckognize yourself")

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