Sunday thought

I feel that a Sunday thought is appropriate! It was a good day. Stake conference is usually torture with an aching butt, but it was good today.

Now you may not know this, but I have some pretty prime friends. Some pretty. prime. friends.
One of my best friends set this as her facebook status a few weeks ago, and although it was stemming from a crummy-sounding situation, it blew me away. and I'll probs frame it some day. cause it's brilliant. and gave me chills.

"The atonement is real. The power doesn't reside in you, but in the Savior. His unconditional love allows us to better ourselves time and time without end. You have no place to judge. That responsibility belongs to someone who knows much more and has dug deeper than you ever did. To be Christ-like, with that unconditional love, is to have faith that the future brings changes and progression in people regardless of their past, giving them infinite chances to make it right."

I am so grateful I have people in my life who are full of faith, integrity, and love for the Gospel. My parents being the biggest examples of that.

Let's not judge. Let's put our faith in people to become better and grow. We all have room to try a little harder. so let's do that.

Happiest of Sundays to you!

Stay golden.

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  1. Wow that's a great quote! And I LOVE your blog header!