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So, I've talked about my grandparents a lot on here / instagram.
In case you HADN'T tuned in to any ramblings of family history... here's the skinny on the Robinson side:
My Grandpa Burton went on his mission to Perth, Australia. My Grandma Mary (Whitton) lived in Perth her whole life. At the time that my Gramps was on his mission, she was working for the church, doing typing and stuff. Well one day she was looking a list of missionaries, typing up names. She saw the name "Burton W. Robinson" and thought, "That is the man I'm going to marry."
Boom baby.

Anyways. When I was about 4, my grandparents got into a nasty car accident, leaving my grandma in a wheelchair, and my grandpa, well he was up and walking most of the time I was growing up, but it greatly decreased... quality of life? shall we say? Then 7 years ago, they both died within a month of each other. It was when I truly understood the happiness that comes from Heavenly Father's plan, and I am so grateful that we are part of this church. Death is terrible, and tragic, and hard. but without the gospel, it would be a heck of a lot harder. Us Mormons, we don't wear black to funerals. (at least not in this house)

Since I never really new the lively versions of my grandparents, I've been getting to know them through the personal histories they wrote. Same with my grandpa Ben, my mom's dad. He had a stroke when I was a tike, so I never got to know him like my other cousins and older siblings did either. Thank goodness they took the time to write up their histories, it has let me get to know them in a different way, and I'm so grateful for it.

So while I'm being the huge nerd that I am, I discovered that there was a memory box. I went and borrowed it the next day. and this is what I found.

(This post is really mostly for cousins who haven't seen it, or like to reminisce. I don't expect the general public to be fascinated with my family's treasures. even though they are real neat)
(ALSO. The box is at Jeff and Wendy's, and it belongs to the whooole fam, so if anyone wants to borrow it, just call them!)

(Hold on tight)
 I really love how they scrapbooked back then! they didn't mess around, did they?

 how cool is that?! he's cool. 

 oh, did I mention they went BACK to Australia on their senior mission?

 Pretty much obsessed with the penmanship 

 (booooo) just kidding.

 Both my grandpa's served in WWII, in the Philippines
 as you can imagine, I was DYING. don't worry I didn't steal nothin! 
They traveled a good amount, that Burton and Mary. Also, that one below is the Logan temple. I love seeing how surrounding areas have changed.

I hope you enjoyed this segment of "Robinson family history"


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  1. You have a gift, Holly for communication, both visually and verbally!