I think I tweet about nerds too much. like, in a hateful way. I don't hate nerds. I really don't.
I just work with some particularly obnoxious few. no, nope there's just the one.

Please stop blowing/catching kisses from across the room, please stop playing charades from across the room, please stop whistling the theme from Zelda, please stop using huge stupid words and theories when we're having a simple conversation about movies.

There I said it all.

The truth is, I am a nerd! I think everyone has got some of that in them. and I think you're kind of boring if you don't... Everyone's a nerd for something.
 I am guilty of the following:
Jane Austen
Harry Potter
Medical things
I don't feel like I can call myself a Lord of the Rings nerd yet. I think maybe once I see them a couple more times I can. but I'd just be a poser if I were to say I'm an actual "LOTR nerd". quite yet.
aaand anyways the list goes on.

I just wanted to clear the air in case anyone reads my tweets and thinks I'm a huge butt face for telling people to stop being nerds.
It's just the one that happens to sit next to me at work, and I tweet to vent.

Keep geeking out. (See I felt like a huge weirdo saying that, but I'm sick of saying the word nerd. GAH!)

What brings out your Sheldon Cooper?

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