Natalie's Invitaion

Hola, folks.
I'm tired again, but this time it was because I shot a wedding today! like actually SHOT A WEDDING. like took pictures. (obviously sicko)

No no, I'm not back on the wedding wagon. I made an exception today, because it was my life-long neighbor and I adore her and her family, (they pretty much are family), and I enjoyed every second of it. honestly.
but more on that later!

I really really really appreciate people putting their faith in me. I'm not graphic designer. I'm not a professional photographer. but these people just seem to think I'm legit or sooomething...

Thanks Nat for putting your faith in little ol' me!
I LOVED making this invite, and I'm so happy I get to share it up in here now!
It's so nice having the customer right across the street to go be like, "do you like that? what do you me to change? should this be a different color?" yada yada.
loved this gig.

(email me for rates if you're interested in an invitation or announcement by me!)

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