Hi ho!

ok this kid.
I don't know why, but Miles holds a special place in my heart. The little man cracks me up. and he's the best snuggler around!

messy face and all, he's the best.

AAANNNND I just finished my second assignment for Mormon.org!
I started messing around with the quote the night I got it, but I had the hardest time with it for some reason! Sometimes my right brain shuts down, and I have to leave it and come back later.
well I did that about 10 times.
I actually have 3 completely different drafts of this one, cause I wasn't feelin' any of them. haha.

WELL LUCKILY I figured it all out, and it came together just swimmingly.
The deadline is tomorrow, B T Dubs.

I owe it all to prayer. I didn't even think to pray about it, until Ma told me to.
DUH. this is missionary work, guys! My name isn't on it, but it is missionary work.
---I highly recommend going here and reading the comments on the pictures they post. inspirational, I tell you. faith in humanity restored.

Well, I must be off on some more designful errands.
Slappy is a trooper.

Stay Golden.

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