Help some strangers out!

Among the downright perfection of my current break from school, I have barely had time or patience to gather any thoughts for an actual blog post. ya know?
Again, I've started writing about 4 posts. but saved them for later. (or never)
I've been watching movies, going on adventures, too many fast food runs, drawing, homeworking, relaxing, reading. it has been a magical break. and good news! I still don't have to go back till Wednesday! but we're not gonna discuss that right now, because I am going to live every second of this bliss until I downright can't anymore.

A few things to note... now I'm gonna be needy here.

FIRST. My beautiful lovely cousin Rachel and her beautiful lovely husband Joey are looking to adopt! These folks are super super great, and this is quite the process, so pass the word along! Their profile is right here :) >>>> https://itsaboutlove.org/ial/profiles/28514152/ourMessage.jsf

SECONDLY. (I'm being really needy for my friends in this post)
My neighbor and friend, Anne, who is just a delightful human being, is looking to go to Kenya this year! for 3 months! and well.. here! >>> (click on the picture to donate!)

annndd THIRDLY
this is off-topic.
but go see The Butler. well, if you're 16 or older maybe. or a really emotionally stable and mature 15-year-old. maybe.
Honestly one of the best movies I've ever seen. SO eye-opening, real, inspirational. But we were all emotionally drained after that, seriously. AH it's incredible I can't even talk about it anymore!
And not to mention STAR STUDDED. I love movies like that. Alan Rickman is a dead ringer for Ronald Reagan. who even knew?! (but I still chucked every time he talked, and Emily kept expecting him to say "Someone might think you're... up to something")
Also, James Mardsten looks nothing like JFK, but don't you worry, ya just buy it.

Ok movie review time is over!

It's girls day in Midway today for Mama's birthday, and I'll for sure be bloggin alllllll about her later on!

Have a sweet wonderful Saturday!

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