California is calling

I have never had cabin fever as bad as lately. man! I haven't been on a road trip since February, and I haven't been outside of Utah since last JUNE. yeah, I know, some people never get to travel. I should just hush my little mouth. but man, I think I'm gonna die in this bubble. (The bubble that I love still. and I eventually want to die in this bubble but I mean I'm going to die soon here. oookay)
it was nice having Megan/ Jessy living up in Logan, cause I had a place to escape to for a weekend. now I have no connections close enough to let me use them for a place to stay ;) haha. ha. booo.

anyways. there's been talk of California in this house, and I downright think it should be San Francisco. because us Robinsons have never been there at an age where we'd appreciate. And I think the Golden Gate Bridge is in order. plus I'm just guessing the antique stores are heaven.

Did you know? that my dream trip would be to start in Seattle, rent an RV, and drive on down the coast? collecting things I don't need along the way, of course. (I know Seattle isn't on the coast, by the way. I just think that's a wholly good starting point.) Like, I'm pretty sure I'd be over-the-moon with that as a honeymoon.

Wish me luck with my endeavors.

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