an introvert with no regrets

Hi there. I discovered something about myself this morning.
I'm an introvert! I was disappointed in myself. I don't know why, but I was.
I was worried.
but then I was like, "MEH"
Iyam what Iyam.
Besides, I'm not completely weird or antisocial. this is a truth.
Sometimes I like being at home, and sometimes I like going out.
If mama's not worried, I'm not worried.
no regrets.

The last couples days have been good and productive! Yesterday was my last day of school for a weeeeeeeek and a halfffff! wuuut. I'm so happy.
Today, I had a meeting with a customer that's having me design her wedding invitation, and then I was on facebook, and I said to my bff Alex, "I WANT STATION 22 CAFE!!!!!"
and she said
so we went. I shouldn't have, but I did. (I'm broke. I'm broke like Harry Potter's nose after Malfoy... breaks his nose.)
No regrets.
(Guys, I'm obsessed with Station 22 Cafe's cheeseburgers. and sweet potato fries. I'm  not even being dramatic when I say it is LITERALLY the best burger I have ever set taste buds upon.
Go there. RUN. don't walk, don't even skip. RUN AT FULL SPEED TO THAT PLACE.)
(22 West, Main Street, Provo)

Last night I went to Barnes & Noble to get a new autobiography (nothing makes you sound more nerdy than that sentence) (except the one7 lines down)
I was at WAR with myself, choosing between Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly.
I am a little bit obsessed with Grace Kelly, buuut I actually went with Audrey's in mind, cause Megan told me how incredible it is.
So I got that one. and again I say, NO REGRETS!
It is so good. and I'm not even that far in.  (I'm the worlds slowest reader, did you know?)

I'll probably write a book report on here about it after I'm finished.
Cause I'm weird like that.

WELL, to you I say, Happy Weekend.
I'm gonna go watch Harry Potter or something. like an introvert. whatevs.


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