A hypocrital post in which I tell you my dream

You know how everyone wishes they could pick what they dreamed about? Well obviously life isn’t gonna hand that one to us too. But I mean, how cool would it be?
Tonight I wish to dream that I live in 1945 and Gene Kelly is my boyfriend and he is taking missionary discussions so we can be wed in the temple.

Anyways. Last night, well. More like 10 minutes ago, I had a dream that Me, my mom, dad, Isaac and I were vacationing around the upper east coast, and I said, “MOM! Can we just swing by Tampa on the way back and visit Jessy, and then that way we can see the south while heading back home?” (since it's totally on the way)  It didn’t even take that much convincing (probably cause my parents love Jess so much) and we did it!
When we got to Tampa, somehow, I ended up with Alex, and my family was occupado somewhere else. Don’t worry it was REALLY easy to find her apartment! We knocked on the door and her companion answered. We had our phones ready to video it all. 

---Jessy's reactions to everything are the best you'll ever come upon. Seriously, I gave her the lamest Christmas present ever (in comparison to the record player she got me) but her reaction was as if I'd given her a puppy. (scratch that, she would have cried, but you get the point)---

anyways. so for some reason in my dream, my eyes were doing that thing that happens when you walk out of a 3-hour-long movie into the sunlight. I couldn't see Jessy! I COULDN'T SEE HER REACTION!!! IT WAS THE BEST PART AND I COULDN'T SEE IT. why couldn't my phone have saved it on the outside of my mind?!
oh well. It was a good dream cause I feel like I just talked to her in person.
(and if anyone wants to read into why I couldn't see her, feel free. I'm too tired to think and my dream expert is the person of whom we are speaking)

I miss that one, but luckily I have super wonderful friends over here too. No, not fill-in friends. Lifers.

sidenote: in case you were wondering why this post is hypocritical, it's because I hate hearing peoples dreams. it's one of the most selfish things about me. I'll listen if it takes less than a minute to tell. rude, I know


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  1. I read this whole post even though the whole thing was telling a dream.