I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills

                                                                                         (dad jokes am I right?)

Those pictures at the tippy top are pictures to show you where my papa got his adventerous and outdoorsy spirit. I'm SO glad that gene got passed down, and is being passed down.
I mean look, even Ivy's totally into the whole mountain thing!

I really appreciate and love my dad, for teaching us through example how to be a integritous and loyal and wonderful human being, and appreciating the world we live in.
One time my mom said, "Holly, when you're deciding who to marry, take a good look at his dad." apparently she did! From what I knew of Grandpa Burton he was PRETTY RAD. and those rad genes also got passed down to ol' Greg, and obviously so forth.

I have so many good memories of camping and hiking and going to the lake growing up, so thanks Ma and Pa! You da best.

This hike was a little bit terrible at the beginning. at one point dad said "oh about half a mile more",,, which turned out to be like a whole mile, but it was somehow easier from there... using therapy on us probably. but it was so. dang. beautiful. so it was worth it for sure. Emily and I hiked ahead of the boys so they could explore a little bit, and sang Waltzing Matilda as we walked. (We were for sure Grandma's favorites that day. sorry guys)

This has been a GOOD week. Seriously one of the best in like, forever. (I only worked 4 hours, which is ridiculous, but oh-so worth it for the family time spent)

ALSO. Shout-out to Ike/Burt/Uncle Pidge, for being a complete champ this week through a 3-day-long swim meet. sheesh! My dad told him he'd pay him $1 for every second he dropped.
the kid is now 60 bucks richer.

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