I like me

I'm discovering things as of late. About my very own self.

I like being social, like I'm not a freaking loser. but a lot of the time I'd rather spend my evenings at home. maybe it's cause my days are jam-packed, and even having plans feels like non-free time. Not really sure. but I'm ok with being a loser some nights.

I've learned that I'm a hard worker, and I'm not completely stupid with my time at school/work, but I'm not exactly a hard-core go-getter. Lately I've been getting stuff done, and I've decided that as long as I felt like my day was productive, then I'm good.

I am a really competitive person deep-down, ok so I guess not really competitive. But at times when someone I know starts doing things similar to me, I kinda shut down for a sec and I'm like "ehhhh I think I'll quit" ... but then I say "NO!" cause really, WHAT good is it to compare myself to other people? No good. none.

I was having a hard time a few days ago, and my mama texted me and said,
"YOU are perfect the way YOU are TODAY."
She doesn't expect me to be anyone but myself---my best self--- and neither should I.

I drive to the whiteheads daily, and they live down the street. I dance like the biggest nerd you ever saw. I am weird more often than I am normal. I speak in more movie quotes than your average human being. I post on instagram too much. I laugh at my own jokes. I love glitter. I use the word hell sometimes. I'm scared of moths. I crave cheeseburgers instead of chocolate.

I'm Holly. Like the red berry hanging from a wreath that protects the lucky elves of homes in England.


  1. I wouldn't want you to be anyone else :) love you!!

  2. I love this! I look up to you so much holly! Even if you do guard elves. (they weird me out for no apparent reason. but fairies on the other hand our like the coolest!)

  3. You are so talented its truly amazing!