just another post about another best friend

You may not know this---because I honestly just realized this about 2 months ago.
But Jessy and I are pretty much polar opposites.
She's adventurous, I'm "let's stay here and watch a movie"
She's really smart, I'm really not. hahaha
I'm a control freak, she's relaxed.
etc etc, you get the point. we are so. different.

But I dunno guys, somehow it works out! somehow we haven't let that effect or ruin our friendship. We have been friends for what.. 6 years now? Never had one fight. I think we've had a couple arguments, obviously, who hasn't? but never to the point where we stopped talking for more than 20 minutes. hashtag true story.

Jessy and I have a weird relationship... we've always kinda been awkward about talking about our feelings and being real. I don't know why, but on both ends it's just weird for us. WELL that has all changed while she has been in Florida. We always always let each other know how much we care about the each other, and we are able to talk about spiritual things. This time that she's been on her mission has been way easier than I thought it would be. And I know a lot of that has to do with  Heavenly Father helping me out and helping her out, but man, that girl is so SO darn happy out there, that it's hard to even let the thought "I wish she was home" cross your mind. (it's more like I wish I could call her) She is making a difference in the great state of Florida, and I am so proud of her!

One of the best memories I have of our friendship is on my birthday last year. It was June 2nd, 11:50 pm. We were driving down State Street, and we said LET'S DO SOMETHING SPONTANEOUS AT MIDNIGHT! so we did. We drove up to Emily's in Saratoga Springs, and jumped in the Condo pool with our clothes on. (k skinny dipping would have been a better story but whatever)
It was just a fun moment, blasting music and dancing up there and back. And for most people they probably would have gone down to the lake or something but we A. Aren't stupid B. I'm a weenie. and I think we probably actually made it there by midnight cause the girl has got a lead foot. (which has come in handy quite a few times)

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA LYNN!!!! I'm gonna watch Vampire Diaries, in honor of our friendship. and because Damon.

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