happy weekendings (....?)

ok before you become concerned, this is not how I want my blog to look.
It is most definitely under construction!
This week I have things to look forward to... don't you love that? Where you have happy things happening at the end of the week?

Last week was GOOD. I had 3 days of work + school (Actually only went to 2 of work cause my back was having issues) and then a FOUR DAY WEEKENDDDDD for the Fourth of July!! Oh, it was good. Other than our tradition of watching the fireworks in our spot and playing games, and a few lunch outings and such, it was a very relaxed weekend. which is how I wanted it to be, since my days are never relaxed until 7:08 pm. (apparently I get home at exactly that time every night. mom and dad are observant)

I actually had TIME to stalk up my Etsy shop, which is now published! (see that new tab up there at the top?) YEAH! Prints only for right now, but I'm thinking of having a little "Sidewalk sale"... which will probably end up being a "dining room sale" since it's so bloody hot these days.
If you are a neighbor or friend or just a person who lives in the area, and you see a print you want, buuut you don't fancy paying shipping, just shoot me an email or text with which one you want and we can work out an alternative to mailing it! (believe me, I'll avoid it if I can)

A lot of family time was had, which as you may know, is what I love the most.

THIS WEEK... I took work off Thursday and Friday so that I could babysit (more like play mom) Miles and Crew all day. what WHAT I'm stoked. so, prepare to be insta-bombed with pictures of them if you are a follower. (aka prepare to have your life filled with happiness cause they are the best)
and then Saturday will be spent at a childhood home--- Payson Lakes, with alla my cousins! Ooh how happy I am.

Hopefully it will make this short little work/school week fly by. and hopefully I'll be productive. and hopefully I'll get off my duff now cause it is time to get out of bed.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS LOVELY GIRL!!!! ayyyye, Alex. (or as I like to call her, Pamplet)
We have been besties goin' strong since that fateful day in 7th grade, in the locker room, where we discovered our matching ribbon shoes. (that sounds way worse than it actually is)
One of the best people I know, with some of the best blonde moments I know :) SO many great inside jokes and moments.
Happy birthday Al!!!

(crept onto her facebook to get this picture. heh.)
 CAUSE ISN'T SHE SMOKIN'?!!!! (no like really I'm obsessed with this picture)
 I didn't feel like digging through my 5000000 pictures to find one of just us, but this one is a favorite. I love us! (she's the one on the righty right)

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