I just wanna take a sec and say THANKS. 

Thanks to you ladies and gents who put their faith in me and my right brain.
I mean, you don't know with absolute certainty that you're gonna love whatever invitation I make, or photos I take.
But you pay me for my services anyways. You have faith in my talent, and you know what?!
that's what keeps me keepin' on. 

Another huge thanks to my family and close friends. Always supporting me, letting me go on and on about what new thing I just made. 

I think even if I have no degree, and I'm an absolute amateur at this graphic design stuff, I'm gonna keep with it. because of y'all. 

I just added this section to my photo site, but you know, soon enough eventually, my shop will open and things will be much easier. ha!
for now though, shoot me an email if you're interested in putting your trust in my hobby.

life is so busy.
good busy.

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