GOSH am I tired!
I don't know why--- I really shouldn't be.
but I am.

I talked to Jess for a little while this morning, chatting back and forth via email. It is weird. it is SO WEIRD. that she is on the other side of the country, and we were just chatting. I don't know. it just was! but it was so happy. and good. I mean, we didn't talk about anything huge, but I just needed that. I have so many great wonderful amazing unreal friends, but ya know, I miss her!
she is so happy. holla!

Speaking of amazing sister missionaries, this girl! she is wonderful. read her adventures here. (partly cause she's amazing and partly cause I just re-did her blog and I think that's why I'm tired. ha)

I added some new prints to the shop! if anyone has any quotes they'd like made into a print... feel FREE to email me. cause sometimes I get bored, and also I run out of ideas.

Boy, do I have nothing else to say or WHAT. or everything I have to say is dramatic, or in danger of being unfiltered.

bye guys.
be nice to each other and stay golden.

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