Forget ya troubles & go to Spring Lake

It's been a real good week or so. I haven't had a good week in a while, it's kinda been a crazy month, full of anxiety and just plain kinda rough. An emotional roller coaster, for many reasons, a lot of them being female hormones and stress.
But this week, it's been good. That's what happens when you live on a prayer, and put your faith in Heavenly Father.
he knows exactly what he is doing, so just trust. ya feel me?!

I accidentally took almost a week off of work. Today, I had a Dr. Appointment. (let's say CHEERS to MA's who say "would you like to skip right passed the scale?") Monday, I'm babysitting my Ivy gurrrl. Tuesday, the fam is headed up to the Mirror Lake area!! STOKED, you guys. Wednesday is a holiday, and then BAM back to real life on Thursday. but we don't really need to think about that right now.

We'll focus on the happy stuff, and be in denial forget about the other stuff.

We (mama, Pidge and I) headed down for some Polar Queen and exploring today.
Are you aware that just 20 minutes away, you can feel like you are in a country song? I love it.
This is Spring Lake, juuuust South of Payson. Oh, it's my new favorite place. SO pretty. The Nebo Mountains are by far my most favorite.

(Cute baby clouds dedicated to Hannah, Cute baby ducks dedicated to Jessy. Homegirls.)

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  1. You know, you could invite me to these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but I probably would have said no yesterday.)