Big News!

You know that sweet feeling when you see a Mormon.org ad somewhere like Hulu, or a bus outside of Utah, or on the TV?
Don't you just feel so HAPPY? Proud to be a member of this amazing church, proud that we are blowing up this much? that people everywhere are hearing about us more and MORE?!
I love it. I love that feeling.

I got an email the other day. It was a happy email. One of the social media coordinators from mormon.org found my print on Girls with Glasses, and apparently it made HER happy!
She asked if I would be willing to work as an out-of-house designer for some Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ graphics that they post about once a week.

You guys. I have no degree. no training. the only experience I have is what I call "Dabbling" in graphic design.
It is a hobby.
But now it's a little bit of a side job!

I of course accepted right away (well ok, a few hours later so I could word the email perfectly)
AND as if the opportunity itself wasn't awesome enough for my little amateur self, then I found out I'd be makin' a some money off it. Tithing blessings!

I am beyond excited to be part of this, even if it's a small part.

So since I don't have my design page on this blog anymore, here's the print that started it all.
The one I whipped up, thinking maybe it would sail around Pinterest a little bit, but ended up doing a whole lot more.


  1. Holly! That is SOOOO exciting. I am happy for you :) all of your prints are adorable & you are so talented... you go girl!

  2. I am SO proud of you Holly-Doll!
    You are one amazing person, ya know that?
    Can't wait to see you in person (now that
    you are...ya know...even more famous!)
    love you loads,
    Debbie 2e

  3. Will you remember us when you are rich and famous?

    So excited your awesome talents are getting noticed. And you need to make some sort of print for my kids room, just so we can say you personally made us something. :)

  4. WAHOO!! DABBLE MY ARRRSSS!! Congrats! I knew you were like the coolest!