another thanks and some ramblings of a happy girl

Hiiiiiiiiiiii you guys.
So first of all, I wanna THANK all you folks out there who have given me words of congratulations and encouragement reguarding my new graphic design adventure!
I'm just about done with my first mormon.org assignment and I pretty much can't wait to share it! (guessing I won't be able to until it's published on the page, though:)
My family, they rock. In every aspect of me life, they are always there supporting me and giving me advice. I couldn't exactly make it without them. sure am blessed!
 Also, man. I have awesome friends---amazing friends. thanks, you. AHH AND NEIGHBORS! AND STRANGERS! EVERYONE ROCKS!

ok enough about that.

I have no topic, but I've got pictures!
still obsessed with the camera on my iphone.
here you are, folks.
have a lovely delightful magical week!

life of a bird watcher.

YEAH I'm still babysitting these kids, and YEAH I still give up my Saturday nights to do so! love them love them love them. (gettin' ready for a full 2 days with the boys. hollerrr!)

The grand finale. let's talk about how we are adorable.

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