a very vague and VERY obvious post

As I have said, to the point of sounding like a broken record, I have been learning lots about myself and life lately. and now I can share it up in here, since I know you care.

1. Things do not always turn out how you expect them to. obviously. Even if you have every different scenario of how the turn-out could be in your head, all prepared and what not, the outcome will still surprise you. and cause you buckets of anxiety. but hey, did you know? IT'S FINE.

2. If you have to talk yourself into something, it's probs not meant to be. We're not talking about talking yourself into trying a new food or jumping in the cold water. We're talking big stuff. If it causes you more stress than happiness, kick it in the butt. kindly, of course.

3. You have to figure things out for yourself. It is all too easy to be swayed by the opinions and expectations of people around you, and it's hard to tell what you are actually thinking in your own mind. Step back. take a dang step BACK, and think. think hard, and pray hard. and it'll all come together. it will. try it, it will.

4. Don't feel guilty for speaking up and following instincts, going with your gut. don't be sorry for that. the only thing you should be sorry about is if you handled it in a rude way, if you were a little miss sassy pants.

Moral of the story, follow your dang heart. Growing up isn't easy, life isn't easy, boys aren't easy (immature chuckle), school and work, they aren't easy.

Praying for guidance and clear understanding of what is going on in my head, that's what did it. and now I am relaxed, I am happy, I am ok. 

now someone find me that hipster Polynesian I saw at Target.

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