A cool girl and a cool video

This is a shorty short post abute a real cool girl named Milan and video-making skillz.
Milan contacted me a few years ago about doing a mentoring session, and we've done a few since!
This girl... this girl has got TALENT. For. reals. Plus we are the same person.

The other night I was planning on doing a mission video/pictures for my good friend Jennifer Seastrand. I had ideas in my mind, props in my trunk, but I was still goin' I'm not a videographer. 
I just went anyways, cause I knew enough to at least wing it.
A few hours before though, I decided to bring Milan along to get some candid shots of Jenny while I videoed, so that I wouldn't have to worry about doing both. (I get frazzled in the heat. ha!) Plus, Milan is really honestly one of the only people whose eye I trust with "my" pictures. 

Well one thing lead to another, we got to our location (which was basically every location a Jane Austen film has ever been filmed wrapped into one) and we switched places. I handed the video-making over to her, and she happily accepted! Don't get me wrong--- I wasn't like, dreading the video making. But I just have way more confidence in myself when I for sure, 100% know what I'm doing (who doesn't? that was a stupid thing to say hahaha)

ANYWAYS I'm rambling.

Here is the video that the lovely Miss Cook made!

and let's not forget the lovely sister/slave/car watcher to make sure we were not run over :) THE Amy Seastrand.


  1. HOLLY! I Love you! This is the nicest thing ever! I can't even tell you how special I feel right now! You are the sweetest person I know, really. You are so kind! I am so grateful that you trust me enough, and that you bring along! I can't tell you how much it means to me. I admire you so much! Thank you!

  2. Wow. Just wow! That video is awesome!!