This is what I've been into lately

1. Call the Midwife. holy, I love it. don't judge it because it's PBS! HA. (guilty). it is so so good.
2. Being in my room the guest room working on shoots and such from 8 o'clock onward. much needed relaxation.
3. getting up at 8 so I have more time in my day. what?! really though. I love summer mornings.
4. doing nothing but going to antique stores on my Saturdays. It's totally a happy spot in my life.
5. Vintage postcards. they are SO fun to collect, and they don't take up much room! I'm gettin' all 50 states. just you wait.
6. babies. meaning my niece and nephew! I swear I'm not baby hungry, let's be real, I'd admit it if I was.
7. holy art. nothing but. I'm loving it. (even if I'm completely absolutely definitely amateur)

alright, I'll end it at 7 cause you know. magic and stuff.

It's my birthday on Monday, so my sisters, mom and I went up to my faaaavorite antique store and ate at Pei Wei today to celebrate a little early! but more adventures to come, so I'll talk about alla that later.

Happy Sabbath!

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  1. I just started Call the Midwife- watching it as I type! and getting up at 8 should be my new goal...