This Is Country Music

So my friend Al Pal just got back from the mission life, and he's kinda joining the world again, you know, the music and all. and he asked me what country is good. and while the motabs were singing the Hallelujah Chorus in my soul, I replied, "Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw" (yes, in that order)
but then I was like, no no no no no. a list needs to be made.
and then I was wondering what to blog about, so then my mind wandered to that and HERE WE ARE.

the 30 best country songs, if you are a country virgin. (that came out wrong)
(also I'm going to put a little * next to the ones that are a little less "twangy" country, just for the halibut)

1. Toothbrush - You'll cry. *
2. Anything Like Me - You'll cry again. (these are all good tears)
3. I'm Still a Guy - funny one
4. If Love Was a Plane - Man, I don't know what it is about this song, but I LOVE IT.
5. This is Country Music
6. Whiskey Lullaby - possibly the most depressing song ever written, but so so pretty.
7. Water - SUMMER.
8. Mud on the Tires
9.  Find Yourself - It's on Cars, and it is the sweetest. *
10. Then - you guys, just listen to these songs knowing how adorable his family is!! k?!*

Rascal Flatts: (this one is going to be TOUGH. there is only like 1 song of theirs I don't like)
1. Bless the Broken Road
2. I Won't Let Go - Jesus song. one of the best.*
3. Mayberry - it will leave you wanting a coke and a big front porch.
4. Banjo - needs to be blasted with windows down on a country-esque road.
5. My Wish
6. I'm Movin' On
7. Changed
8. Come Wake Me Up *
9. Fast Cars and Freedom - classic
10. Ellsworth - tear jerker

Tim McGraw:
1. Somethin' Like That - possibly my all-time favorite country song!
2. Just to See You Smile
3. Indian Outlaw - have a sense of humor!! hahaha
4. My Best Friend - dardar *
5. My Next Thirty Years
6. Live Like You Were Dyin' - CLASSIC CLASSIC CLASSIC.
7. Please Remember Me - pretty
8. I Like It, I Love It
9. It's Your Love
10. She's My Kind of Rain

just trust me on this
Also, I suggest you start with Rascal Flatts--- they're a little less twangy than the others.

Ps. Country music is a seasonal thing for me. Listening to country in the winter (excluding some Rascal Flatts) is like listening to Christmas music in the summer.
no bueno.

I'm weird.


  1. I agree with you on all the singers and most of the songs... but you missed one for Rascal Flatts (though I am a bit bias on this one its David and my song) the Song is Here. Though Rascal Flatts has very few songs I don't like. Same with Brad Paisley. Thanks for all the blog posts!

  2. Love it! Such a seasonal genre for sure! I CANT STAND country in the winter! PS- Miss your cute little face!