The Best Antiques in Utah (according to Holly)

So, I was writing another blog post, and I found myself wanting to tell everyone which antique stores to go to!
I've been super into this stuff, man. I've loved it for a few years, but lately! whoo! I think it definitely helped when I had this girl around to share in the joy with me!
I'm speaking from my experience only, which is pretty plentiful as far as Happy Valley goes, and pretty decent as far as other places go.
Ok I'm just gonna talk now. (starting south and headin' north)

>Dixie Land (St. George)

In my not-so-humble opinion, the only place worth going to is Urban Renewal.
I've ranted on and on about this place before, and I shall say it again. It has GREAT variety, in objects and pricing. (the furniture is pretty expensive, I think but then again I don't own a house so what do I know!) It is just a really fun place to look around, and I definitely did not come back empty handed! (twice)

Main Street Antiques
It may look tempting, but don't be fooled. it's cluttery, and not worth your time. SO amazingly overpriced, it's ridiculous.
just cross the street to Urban Renewal. haha

now travel 4 hours upward.
You'd THINK Payson would have a good juicy antique store, but alas, no. (as far as I've tried to find)


Treasures Antique Mall, Springville Utah
this monster is on a frontage road, and you've probably passed it a million times on the freeway. It has 2 buildings to it, north and south.
The North building is SWEET, especially if you're a nerd for history. lots of big stuff (furniture, old stoves, army helmets and uniforms, AMAZING cabinets, etc.) and it's the smallest bit overwhelming. but it's cool, and I did find a couple awesome things there! There is TONS of retro glassware there, which is un poco pricy.

The South building, I just went to for the first time the other day and I LOVED it. It's a little more organized, and spacious. Sheets, blankets, glassware, decor, oh man. It's heaven I tell you. If you feel that you need a vintage post card, they have a table full of them. organized by state :) (I collect them, so you know. I was QUITE in my element sitting at that table)
all in all, I give the South building the gold this time. (literally I gave them a lot of my money HA)
reasonable prices, too. (they're booths, so it varies. but I came home with like, a lot of good stuff.)

>Travel up to Provo now

Cat's Cradle
K I've only been here once... and I ran out as soon as I saw that basin full of doll heads (I MEAN WHO DOES THAT) but you know, that was a few years back. when I wasn't fully into this sort of thing, so I can't really judge it. I talked to a lady at the Beehive Bizaare that said she was getting her engagement ring from there, cause they have tons of goodies in that department.
I recall there being a butt-load of furniture in there, too.
I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to this store. Just try it out! I mean, if you're into that sort of thing.
(Rest in Peace, "Man In the Moon"... that was my all-time favorite. but it died and my heart is forever broken)

>O-Town time!

Planted Earth
This cute little house-turned-antique store is on State street, has been my whole life, but did I discover it before my Junior year? nada.
LOTS of good jewelry, if you dare to go upstairs, there are some sweet clothing items. go outside and there's furniture galore. a lot of happiness in there. fair prices. (I found my typewriter there for $40... perfect condition. respect)

>Through the canyon to Midways!

Midway Mercantile 
Guys, I've only been here once, but I do recall it being PRETTY awesome! I'm going to get back to you on this one, cause I'm planning on going up there pretty soon. (I went last weekend but it was closed. LAME!)

>Pleasant Groooove

Rosebud Antiques
not a huuuuge selection, lots of furniture. maybe a little overpriced... I wouldn't ever be like "YOU HAVE TO GO THERE"... just if you're on main street, swing on by.

>American Fork

Star Mill
So last time I tried going here, it was closed down cause of a death in the family... or something. But this place is COOL. Tons and tons of furniture outside, desks, chairs, tables, benches. There's a firetruck and a couple old trucks too! People often use this for photo shoots. (you've no-doubt seen someone with a picture against the green door)  I think everything is pretty reasonably priced, but I will confess once again, never been inside the place. It has weird hours, and I always go at the wrong time! My aunt---a very reliable source--- loves it though.

>Pioneer Town (Lehi)

The Nook & Cranny
K I love this place. And I think I will love it more when I have a place to put furniture! (story of my LIFE) Lots of big stuff, lots if little stuff. Good prices. (not GREAT, but good) Make sure to go to the back building if you end up here! that's where the furniture and stuff it. super sweet.


Sandy Antique Mall
Props to Megan! (even though she won't read this) AMAZING stuff. Unreal collection of LIFE Magazines, good amount of records (mostly Elvis. gee wiz.)
beautiful china, cute luggage for cheap, hats, an old phone booth, the usual. reasonable prices, for sure.

>Skip up to Salt Lake

Capital City Antiques
this was found by complete accident, and thank GOODNESS for accidents! HUGE store, lots of everything. Beautiful glassware, Pyrex, books, magazines, vinyls, cameras. everything. just everything. there are quite a few big toys too, like typrwriters, old cash registers, stoves, etc, Some furniture, not a ton. Some of the stuff is overpriced, but it's totally worth it to go there. Oh! lots of jewelry and retro toys too.
again I say, tons of dishes. This is my favorite by far. (there's a few smaller rooms right to your right right when you get in there, don't miss em. alRIGHT?)

K. so. this store is all clothes. AMAZING clothes. I'm a curvy person ya know, so I didn't find a lot, but it's so fun to sift through the hundreds of dresses of every decade imaginable. oh! beautiful jewelry too. OH. and the mens section is not too shabby. A tie rack the size of Timp.
(if it makes any different, I hear this is Mindy Gledhills favorite;)

>now drive 2 hours to Logan!

About Time
As I recall, this one is pretty good. Not amazing, but I like it! I'd give it 7 stars. Good prices, again, not great. nothing amazing.

Country Village Antique Mall
K this is my favorite in Logan for sure. AMAZING prices, you guys. Lots of books, jewelry, books, luggage, books... ha. nah there's a little of everything. I got a suitcase in amazing condition there for $16. I don't know if you're aware... but that is AMAZING. I highly suggest this one. oh! I also got my 1902 penny there :)

That's a wrap for now! I'll keep adding to this post as I explore more (Brigham City trip planned for the summer! HOORAY!)

Now someone tell me how to register for a wedding at one all of these places.

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  1. Thanks so much!!! I'm driving through Utah on my summer road trip and now I've got to stop by your favorite places.