I like names. Get me into a conversation about names (it happens strangely often in my life) and I'll just be really happy. I don't know why! it's just my favorite topic of conversations. (and last time I went antiquing I got a book called "What to name your baby" from the 30s. it has everything from Holly to Hedwig)

It's not even like I know the meaning of every name--- or even care. (I mean, my name means red berry. fail.)
I just like names, and naming things, and talking about weird names.
so naturally I name everything I own.

Car: Crosby Fitzgerald
iPod: Maybelle
ghetto phone: Hagrid
Laptop: Slappy
Camera: Nadine
Hard drive: Padfoot (that thing is just as important as my computer, guys. don't judge me)
aaaand new to the family, iphone: Eleanor.

I had a REAL hard time picking the name for my new phone. I looked up names from the 20s (cause those are the BEST) but half the names I liked, were names I would probably actually name my child some day. ya know? Like Clara. there is a possibility of that! (one in a million. seriously how do people name their kids?)
Then there was Marla, Mildred, Grace Kelly, and Lillian. not names I would name a person. (I would totally name a pet Grace Kelly. hahaha)

In the end it was down to Matilda, Leisel, and Eleanor. I chose Eleanor because I doooo love that name, but there are many names above that to name a baby. (watch as I never even have a girl. watch as I'm cursed blessed with all boys)

While we're talking about names, let me just say, I love my name. and almost every nickname that comes with it. A cute little coincidence? My ma and pa were gonna name me Carly, but decided not to. and THEN GUESS WHAT? My future sister-in-law came along and her name is Carly. bam. everybody wins. 

by the by... It's safe to say I am in LOVE... with the camera on this phone. My mom and I went exploring/bird watching today down in Payson, and I was going CRAZY with the pictures. (Go to Spring Lake. have a picnic. but read the signs on the dumpster carefully, "A sex offender lives in this area" ... thank you, Dumpster. for providing protection, and a place to put rubbish)

I'm rambling.
That's enough.
Stay excellent. 

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