Magic 7 (a real post! (I think))

HELLO! k I'm here people. I'm here and I think I'm normal.
I've been out of wack, I swear. and I don't know why!

Life is good. here are 7 things you probably don't care about but maybe just a little bit cause you're reading this

1. Tim McFreakingGraw. HI. So I've never been to an actual concert... k I went to Ingrid Michaelson but we're talking like, a concert. like drunk people everywhere, hooker lady with her husband, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, apparently one-F-Jef, CRAZY great people-watching. that's what we're talking about. I was soooooooooo glad Tim was my first real concert though! oh that man can put on a SHOW! (let's be real he could just stand there in his jeans and muscle shirt and we'd all be happy) All I wanted to was to hear "Somethin' Like that" and he didn't disappoint! I don't know, man. It's just one of those songs that warms my heart cause it's so classic country. LOVED going with my sisters and Tiff! (pretty much a sister) bonding time is always prime.

2. Shout out to EMILYYYY my sister, it was her birthday on Saturday. She is honestly the greatest, and one of my biggest advice-givers lately. I hope with all my little heart that I can be as good of a mama and wife as she is one day! Love you sooooooo much em! ;)

3. Shout out to GREG! Man, it is great having someone to therapize you every once in a while. He is just the funnest, most patient, good-hearted man I know. I'm so lucky that he's my papa! Happy late fathers day!!

4. This print has been circulating Pinterest... and guys... can I make a confession right now? the word "Capacity" was spelled wrong. it reached TONS of people, and only one girl (thank you thank you thank you!!!) noticed, or was brave enough to tell me. Anyways. Even though there was that, it reached all the way to The  Girls with Glasses blog (!!!!!) and they asked if they could feature it on their blog! what?! biggest compliment ever, I tell you. Thanks GWG!

5. My BFF Allen is home from his mission! has been for a couple weeks, yeah, haha. but like I said I didn't know how to type for a while there. it has been SO great getting to know him in "real life" as opposed to the letters... which don't get me wrong! was way fun. but ya know, this is just exciting!

6. I didn't go to Summerfest and it was SO FUN! (haha, I'm sorry you guys, I just have to throw that in there every year. I don't really hate it. I just don't like crowds. and people. and having to pee but refusing the nasty toilets.)

7. My neighbors rock.

oookayyyyy that's all for now, folks!


  1. Nothing about the fact that I come home TOMORROW?! Consider me offended. hahahaha juuuust kidding. :)

  2. Aww you're a sweetie pie. And COOL about your print! (not the misspelling of course, but yeah. And the link doesn't work btw.) And, and...yeah.