Book club with myself. (slim pickin' over here)

I have never been a HUGE reader, but I've never hated reading. See, I don't really have a certain genre that I love. but when I find a book that I like, I read it as often as I can, and I love reading! ya get me?

When I was little, it was obviously ALL Junie B. Jones. She is my HOME GURL. I actually very clearly remember reading one of those books straight through in one night... and that never happened again.

In Jr. High, while everyone hated To Kill a Mockingbird, I was loving it. (that has everything to do with my mom) I've been told Atticus Finch is what my grandpa was like, which I think is a PRETTY huge compliment. I choose to believe it's true:)

Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man--- it's a book pretty much no one has heard of, but it's SO GREAT! such a fun, easy read. With that "down south" feel to it. (I think that's the kind of book I like. down south. is that a thing?)

The Great Gatsby--- ANOTHER one everyone was complaining about, and I was swooning. All you little twits, appreciate the literature! (or ya know, just go watch the movie cause it is UNREAL I tell you. plus Leo.)

The Secret Life of Bees--- love it. another southy one. really though, those are the best. Fanny Flag is good for those purposes.

My Sister's Keeper -- that Jodi Picoult knows how to SUCK YOU IN. I've also read Handle With Care.. both awesome books, in my opinion. 

The Help--- OH LAWDY. I started it once, and was annoyed at how she talked (not racist) but then I tried again and it is one of my favorite books! SO good, so powerful, so every emotion. plus anything in that decade tickles my fancy.

Harry Potter. eh, they're ok.
guys, I'm kidding, calm down. I did that thing where you watch all the movies (multiple times) over a space of what... 10 years?! (close enough) and THEN read all the books and obsess over them and fall in love (with multiple men but mostly Sirius Black) and cry and laugh and then cry some more when you finish them and then get depressed for a week because you want to keep reading and you want to also be a wizard.
(4 is my favorite book, by far. 3 is my favorite movie. JUST in case you were wondering. ALSO, I think the them Warner Bros did an AWESOME job at making the movies go along with the books. impressed.)

Pride & Prejudice--- ok, obviously this book is not for everyone. (everyone meaning boys) but if you have a pretty good focus, please READ IT. I beg of you. BUT, as opposed to every other movie/book, I recommend you watch the movie (I love the Kiera Knightly version a lot) and THEN read the book. It helped me enjoy it a ton more, cause I knew basically what was going on. That Jane Austen knows how to write a chick flick. daaaaang, Darcy.

I am a huge fan of Memoirs. HUGE fan. A lot of the ones I've read are nice, light reads. Like Mindy Kaling, and Ellen's (ok Ellen's isn't a memoir really but it's hilarious so go read it). I've been meaning to pick up Bossy Pants, but next on my list for suuuure is Audrey Hepburn's. ok I know I've read more but I'm blanking out. it's whatever.

I am CURRENTLY reading Emma, another one from my girl Jane. (another movie to adore)

aaaaand well guys, that's that.

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  1. I love you for so many reasons, but this book list is one of them. I'LL BE IN YOUR BOOK CLUB! I have one I think you might like. Mostly because it takes place in Australia. Do you like sad-ish books at all? Cause I have a lot. Has mom gotten you to read Cold Sassy Tree yet???? It's one of our favorites.