and ladies.
I am dead. I didn't even know what busy meant, until like. uh. now.
and I have a feeling it's just gonna get a waaaay more crazy up in here over the weekend.
this is my to-do list:

so yeah.
greater importance is to the right. (sorry guys. deadlines, ya feel me?)
you know it goes.
that folder called "design" symbolizes 3 announcements I have to get done, as well.
I have a shoot tomorrow night, and Saturday night.
I'm happy. but I'm dead.
I'm still squeezing in time to go to the Beehive Bizaar (again) and work on gettin' some prints done.
(cause I do that at work, and I have to go to work anyways. holler for double-dipping)

sidenote: I made myself a goal this season to not re-use the same location for 2 different seniors. 1, because that is lazy of me. and 2, because these girls deserve their own unique pictures! don't they?! yes they do. anyways, I have SO FAR SUCCEEDED! I've got my two planned for tomorrow night, and I just need 2 more for next weekend!

hey, you guys. thanks for putting your faith in my for you photographic needs. and! invitation/graduation announcement design needs.
I'm so happy that my weekends got filled with photo shoots this spring.
Spring is my favorite.

now bring on the summer family photo shoots!

oh, also. spiritual enlightenment here.
things like this absolutely make my testimony of the plan of salvation skyrocket.
(also grab some tissues)
Thanks for sharing your story, Maddie. you are one amazing mama, and you and Jon are in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. No pressure on mine! (I can see that they are last priority already, but really.) You are going to be so rich after this weekend, you can buy me way more birthday presents!!

  2. Hollyyyyyy.
    How do you always have so many projects going on?? It amazes me. Workin' woman. #teachmetoberich