Whitton & White

I'm giving you guys a sneak peak. mostly to prove that slowly but surely, my shop is coming along.
Gosh, this is hard work! but I think it's probably what I wanna be doing for a long longgg long long time. So I need to figure out a good routine.
The original name of my shop was "The Whitton Shop". I finally came up with it after weeks of brainstorming. Whitton is my Grandma Mary's maiden name, and White is my Grandpa's middle name! (I'd name my son White. that would be such a cool name)
So I was just gonna go with Whitton at first, but then raaandomly as I was laying in bed last night (that is seriously where all of my ideas come) I thought of that. Whitton & White. it has a nice ring to it, I think. plus it's honoring two prettttty awesome people. AM I RIGHT ROBINSONS?

anyways. so this is the banner.
(if anyone can tell me why everything I put on any internet sight with a white background shows up as light gray on my computer, feel free to clue a sista in)


a few other notes:
1. My baby gurr Amanda is graduating tomorrow and I refuse to believe it's true until I see her walk, pause awkwardly under that big M, and take her diploma.
2. My baby Ikey is gonna be a HIGH SCHOOLER in two days! (technically) when the heck did that happen? I still remember tickling his lower lip to make him laugh when he was but a wee infant.
3. Remember how my friend Allen was supposed to come home mid-june? well yeah he comes home next Thursday instead. apparently he was never actually supposed to come home mid-june... that's just what he told me a longgg while ago. ha. anyways. so that's gonna beeeee... somethin.
4.Que Sera Sera.

happy Thursday, and HAPPY GRADUATION to you little birds! (adulthood is pretty ok. it's kinda like, ya know, sucky sometimes. but it's alright)

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