Today was just a GOOD day. It was a day filled with babies of all ages! and you can never go wrong when your day involves tiny humans. (a 2-week-old, a three-month-old, and a 10-month-old. love it)
My dearest lovely best friend Alex is going to Paris tomorrow for study abroad, so we needed one last lunch date! We decided to try somewhere new, and I had heard from a gooood source that the sweet potatoe fries at Station 22 Cafe were UNREAL.
and let me tell you. UNREAL.
and that burger! perfection. holy canoli, you guys. If you haven't been, go.
we felt suuuuhuuuuper hipster. hahaha.

Tomorrow I have a FULL DAY of photo shooting. 3 in a row, baby! and then.. AND THEN! anotherrrr dear lovely best friend of mine is coming down for her mission pictures, and we decided that we should switch it up from the ol' wingers, and go get Sushi! and fulfill both of our dreams!
I'm quiiite honestly STOKED.

K I'm a tired person.
Happy Birthday to my best bud Allen Carlson!
and happy one-month-till-my-birthday to me! hahahahaha

have a nice Saturday! 

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  1. How did you enjoy the sushi this time around???? :)