That Jo

I think it's important to remember that there isn't just one "best mother in the world"
nah, that's not real.
but we each have the best mother we could ever have. ya get me?
like, my mom is the kind that laughs at me when I'm weird, tells me to be myself, and has never once uttered the words "act like a lady". I mean, not that she has raised me to be a complete rag-a-muffin, (although there was concern for a few years in my childhood... a few years meaning my whole childhood)
If I had a mom that made me feel like I had to be better, or someone else when I was around her, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be a functional human!
She supports me in everything I do, she gives me blunt and needed advice when I seek it, and the most common piece of advice that comes out of her mouth is
"Be the best Holly you can be"
I'll never ever forget that, it's etched in my cranium for LIFE.

I remember once, my english teacher sent home a paper to our parents, asking if they would just write a short description of us, the student. I don't think many parents did, and if they did, it was like, "Bobby is a hard-working student, such an angel, always honest, perfect child"
but my mom wrote an honest speal about how sometimes I like to "meow" at her, and bite... along with some semi-normal comments on my personality.
but my teacher laughed and said, "Sounds like you have a funny relationship with your mom!"

I do, Mister. I do. 
I'm so grateful for her, and how she shows encouragement when she's proud, and tells me to knock it off when I'm being a dummy! (I'm a fan of real talk)

Thank you, sweet one who birthed me!

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