thoughts and a picture to spice up your Tuesday

k whoa! it has been quite some time (in blogging time) since I have written up in here.
life has been good-busy! but then again, not at all busy compared to what my weekends have been for the passed month!
Saturday was honestly, just lovely. I got up and went to Callie's with my brother and dad, and then until 6, I had nothing that I had to do! I had stuff I should do, and I did them, but the beautiful thing about my to-do list, was that it could alllll be done on the couch. ah, yes. it was wonderful.
after that I went to my last photo shoot for a few weeks, and then I came home and did more of nothing!
I think I get enough done during the day to make it ok that I love doing nothing at the end of it.

I have been sleeping in the guest room, which is my old room. I love this room. I love the view of Cascade mountain out the window. (and the view of Target. ah yes)
I'm usually down in the depths of the basement, but lately I've just wanted to be more "in the loop" PLUS I get up easier in the morning, and have more time with mama and that adorable little chubby-cheek, fat-rolly gal named Ivy.

ALSO! starting Thursday (officially Friday, but what can I say, I'm a rebel) I have a WEEEEEEK LONG BREAK from school! and! my birthday is the Monday after that, so you can count on me not being there! whoop whoooooop!

I kind of want to copy+paste the email I'm writing Easton right now, cause for some reason I'm being really witty over there, and really boring over here.
oh well!

Happy Tuesday.
oh, and here's one of my favorite pictures of all time. I don't think I'll ever stop loving it! (cause if I were to ever hate Pedro, that probably would have already happened. litrally like siblings. except I never had a big embarrassing crush on my actual sibling. hahahaha #ihatemyself )

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