that one time I spent $5 on a penny

lately, the 6-year-olds in my life have been telling me how awesome my necklace is. so I was like, might as well blog about how cool I think it is!

for a little while, I was on a mission to find the oldest penny I could find. It wasn't a big thing, or an obsession, it was just some little quirk I had goin'. just for fun I guess! (shout out to Jessy who was a huge support in this journey. hahahaha)

So one time I was in Logan with my pals, and were wandering Antique stores like we do, and I saw this. 1902 penny, for 5 bucks.
I got it.
you spent 5 dollars on a penny?
yes. I spent 5 dollars on a penny.

can we talk about this, and just give me a pass on being a total nerd right now? Remember that episode of HIMYM, where Ted finds a 1932 penny and he's like "IMAGINE THIS HISTORY THIS HOLDS!" (or something of that sort)
that's what's going through my head, man!! this penny was mint a year before the Wright brothers flew that plane.
I mean, for all I know, my homeboy Orville used this to buy a piece of candy.

cool huh?
I love history, and therefore I love old stuff. cause of all the history that it holds! something so far beyond here and now. (here and now is kinda boring sometimes, wouldn't you say?)

That is the story of my penny necklace.
cheers to 110 years.

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