Thank You Dunder Mifflin

I have said time and time again, that my 9th grade year was my favorite. I think I've figured it out. I think it's because my best friends today, were the best friends I met that year.

Know what else was that year? The Office. we were so into it. we loved it.
We held "choir olympics" like unto "Office Olympics"
We were VERY serious about pulling the cell-phone-in-the-ceiling-prank on Kingman. (still beating myself up over not following through with that one)
We learned what "That's what she said meant" and our lives were forever changed. (mature I know)

Needless to say, that series finale killed me. I'm feelin' all sentimental and slightly nostolgic.
I mean, when they brought in Michael?! Are ya kiddin me?? If you didn't cry you have no soul. (or you just don't feel as sentimental about the employees of Dunder Mifflin as I do)

It made me think about my friends.
Isn't that dumb? The OFFICE? making me miss and love and appreciate my friends more?
well it is.

I think it's great that I can still call these people my best friends. We're all in different places in life, and in the world (really, Utah, Canada, Florida, and France) but we're still best friends. we made it through boyfriends and girlfriends and high school in general.
cheers to that, you guys!

Thank you, writers of The Office, for making us bond!

I miss my pals. But ya know, eh. We'll be friends 4 LYFE. I mean, we made it this far, right? might as well go till forever!

(how appropriate is my shirt for such a bloggin occasion as this?!)

 (we loved this picture. so much. why.)
 (Hi Giles)

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