She will do great things (name that movie)

Don't you love it when you find a person that is pretty much a clone of yourself on the inside?
Like, it creeps you out a little bit how much in common you have.
Megan Brown is the name, exactly-like-me-in-almost-every-way is her game!

Remember Easton? my bff from 9th grade to now?
well all I can say is, thank goodness for his fine taste in women. because thanks to him, I have a new AMAZIN' friend to add to my lovely collection. I'm telling you guys, she is me. Like peas and carrots. (or two peas in a pod, actually probably)
Every time we hang out I think, we discover more and more that we have in common, and we are just like "OF COURSE THAT HAPPENED".

Thursday night we went out on the town for our last little hoorah before she leaves on her mission, and it was lovely! we went to Slab pizza, drove around the beautiful neighborhoods of provo looking at oldddd houses, and then she offered to help me hot glue my bow clips so I can get working on stocking that part of my shop. Bless her heart, I hate hot gluing.

Discovering that we both love Payson/Payson Lakes was by far the BEST discovery made in this friendship! (for me at least) I mean, really. who goes to Payson lakes every summer? I think it's pretty random, especially since she lives in Salt Lake valley. rock on, sista.

this girl is pretty much a more refined, much more positive version of myself, and I am beyond grateful that we are friends. we have probably a weird amount of plans for our future BFF families, and one day you'll all be like "THEY ROCK". (if you don't already think that of course, haha ;)

anyways! just had to talk about this lovely friend. She is headed to Brazil tomorrow, and she will do GREAT THINGS! I am so excited that more people get to meet Megan Brown. She will KILL IT. (meaning... Kill frowns and sadness with her bright shiny personality, and incredible message of course)
She dubbed me queen of her social media while she's gone. Couldn't be more excited. or lets be real, honored.  ;)
many more days of antiquing and drooling over beautiful random houses to come, but you've got some stuff to do first! take luck, sista Brown!

(this is a little sample of her mission pictures, which you may find here later today)


  1. She's the Man!
    This is darling :)

  2. You are the greatest friend ever Holy cow! You are the most lovely person I know and this made me all teary.