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hi ho.
firstly, please excuse the eye-sore of a blog title. whooo! Blogger is bein a REAL butt.

So I finished Pride and Prejudice today! Remember how I said I went and bought my own copy, partly cause I was loving it, and partly because it was a BEAUTIFULLY designed cover?
good thing I did, because I loved every word of it!
Books like this, I think, aren't really like all the other books, where you should read the book before you watch the movie. I definitely wouldn't have been able to enjoy it as much if I hadn't seen it before. (and I've only seen the Kiera Knightly version ((LOVE IT)))
that says a lot about my intelligence, doesn't it? haha

"What do I not owe you! You taught me a lesson, hard indeed at first, but most advantageous. By you, I was properly humbled."

looky here, she helped him change for the better. now ain't that cute? he overcame his pride, and she looked passed her prejudice.

I also love how there's just a little pinch of fate tossed in there, without it being the main thing. (small enough for them not to put it in the movie. am I right)

now what should I read?! this is the question.
I think Peter Pan.
cause why not?


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    That is the exact same copy of Pride and Prejudice that I bought last year!!..!
    Big surprise?