Cult Movies

We Robinsons are pretty darn normal people. We aren't sketchy, we are church-going, family people So I think you should take my word for it, and watch these movies.
The Robinson Cult movies, is what we call them.
They are quoted DAILY (half of the words that come out of my mouth are movie quotes, just ask my friends! It's probably annoying)

1. Father of the Bride 1&2 (Mothah and daughtah are prognont togothah?!)
2. That Thing You Do (gimme a pen, I'm signin' you're signin' we're all signin')
3. You've Got Mail (He's fat. He's a fatty)
4. Knights Tale (It's called a lance... hellooo)
5. Count of Monte Cristo (it means driftwood)
6. Baby Mama (sunsetty. like sunset)
7. Clifford (not the big red dog) (Sweet one who birthed me)
8.  Runaway Bride (look... LOOK. I think this man is heart broken)
9. A League of Their Own (MARLAAA HOOCH!)
10. Miss Congeniality (My parents don't like anything ostentatious, and they really don't like fire)
11. Now and Then (Since your friends are trash mouths, I think you should hear it from me; the facts)
12. Phantom of the Opera (insolent fool)
13. Heart and Soul (walk like a man, talk like a man, walk like a man my soooonnnn)
14. Simon Birch (Ah! it's a horse!)
15. Remember the Titans (Suuuuunshine)
16. The Ringer (you uh... workin on your computer there? _ No I'm walkin' my dog)
17. While You were Sleeping (these mashed potatoes are so creamy.. Mary mashed em)
18. Sandlot (I'm bakin' like a toasted cheeser!)
19. Matilda (go watch TV like a normal child!)
20. Benny & Joon (having a Boo Radley moment, are we?)
21. Emperor's New Groove (down a raging river of DEATH!)
22. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (And never forget that side dish, of steaming hot guilt)
23. Harry Potter 1-7 (felt weird... like I'd never be cheerful again...)
24. Pride and Prejudice (Oh my goodness! Everybody behave naturally!!)
25. Princess Diaries (Eyebrows. there should be two)

A few of these are movies you probably haven't heard of, and when people tell me they've seen them, OH IT MAKES ME DANCE WITH JOY. If I meet someone and I'm like "this person is pretty cool I guess", and then I find out they've seen That Thing You Do, I'm like, "NEW BEST FRIEND"

Disclaimer, some of these are cult movies among the Robinson GIRLS. We don't make the boys watch Baby Mama, or Now and Then. (classics)

Ok well go watch all of them right now! k bye!

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