bed thoughts. wait no. just thoughts while I lay in bed. (ssshhhh, holly)

I just had a major "Emma" Moment in my dream. you know how she realizes she's loves Mr. Knightley because Harriet says she does? jealousy, man.

I am SO tempted to get bangs. like the kind that are front bangs, but also kinda side-swoopy? so tempted. but I love my high buns too much. but bangs would make them so cute!

I have no school OR WORK on Monday. WHOOP WHOOP.

My birthday is in a week and 2 days! TWENTY. TWENTY YEARS OLD.

My mom made scones yesterday. but not the kind you fry up. no no. English scones. HOLY crap on a catapult. so. so. so. so good. I'm going to have a stack of them as my birthday cake. cause I'm not a huge cake fan. if it's there, I'll eat it, but it's not my first choice. I know I'm weird.\

I just found (thank you pinterest) ALL THE EPISODES OF LIZZIE MCGUIRE IN ONE PLACE. when I was little, my bedtime was 8:30, but Lizzie McGuire was also at 8:30 (you know, right before the Disney Channel original movies played) so I never got to watch it but I LOVED IT. one time I had an ear infection, and I had to put ear drops in and let them settle laying on my side, so I got to stay up and watch it. that ear infection was the best thing that ever happened to my 10-year-old self.
I miss Zoog disney. so much.

ok, well those are all the thoughts going through my head while I lay here in bed.

Happy weekend!! 

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