a thank you and 4 things

I'm so blessed to know such awesome and wonderful people, man!
My lil business (the photography one) as been BOOMING lately. It was my goal to fill up every weekend I could, and I did!
but now, my little lambs, at this point in my month, my mental health sanity is more important than money. so I'm giving myself a break. I mean, this break won't really be a break because I'll be editing one billion photo shoots (how do actual professional photographers do this crap?! I love it but MAN am I busy!)

I just wanna say "HEY THANKS" to those who have put their faith in me, announcement-designing-wise, and photographing-wise.
you are all beautiful angelic shining bright stars.

(or a few other notes)
1. just one week till my school break! HOLLER!
2. not to brag or nothin... but I'm killing it at blood draws. Maybe that's not the best expression to use. ok and maybe I'm not killing it. but man, let me tell ya, it is a BLAST! Arm ones are the best. hand ones (butterflies, I'm dumbing-down the lingo for y'all) suuuuck. I'm not a fan. but I'm learning!
3. I got an actual church calling! I'm back in the home ward for "the summer"/whenever I feel like I can muster going back to the singles ward. and they immediately snatched me up for primary! I'm teaching Macey's class, with Kelsey as my partner teacher! could that get any better? I don't think so!
4. I finally found a pair of light-colored jeans that I love. it's been a search for QUITE some time now. so that's always good.

that is all.
stay excellent.


  1. Um...except for my family pictures. Whenever we get around to it. :)

  2. Booooooo. Come back to Singles Ward. I'm gonna miss you. How about this, teach primary until I come back from France. mmmmkay, pumpkin?

  3. Oh, well hey there Holly the twinna.
    I know now how busy you've been, but my I have an inquiry.
    Do you help design other people's blogs? Namely, would you help with mine?
    Boy it has needed a facelift since the dawn of blogger.
    And if not, that's tight because I'll just keep internet stalkin you.
    Until next time!