I like stuff. It's no good.
I'm not a complete hoarder... ok wait I've said this before. that is not the point of this.
I like stuff on my walls. They are white, because having color coordination in my room would be super tough for me. cause I'd have to match whatever I put on my walls, to the color of the wall. WHAT A MESS.
I can't handle "just 2 or 3 colors" in my outfit, let alone my bedroom. (oh, and my future wedding. I'll probably have like 5 colors, no joke. be excited)
I'm slowlyyy de-cluttering my room, and my walls, because YEAH HOLLY, you're gonna have to move out one day. that is what people do. they move out. (whatever)

buuuut... de-cluttering has been redefined to mean "take the pictures that are clothes-lined all the way around the room, and confine them to one wall"
BUT. the wall was ACTUALLY stripped down, and looks much more simple now. in a good way. and in a not-simple way. (come on, have you met me?)
boom. justified.

I have no idea where this blog post is going. there could be some symbolism in there about getting rid of unnecessary things in my life buuuut... I don't think there are any of those... soooo... yeah.

on that dreaded day, it's going to be way hard to leave this room. have I mentioned that I FORBID my parents to turn it into anything but a playroom? I mean, ok fine. guest room, sure. but also play room.
I've worked much too hard for this to be turned into a gym or an office.
plus, what gym has a chalkboard door?


  1. Dad has been threatening gym creation for like a hundred years. Guest room is unnecessary cause they already have one. Ivy needs a big open space for all her future playing. (and when you do move, please don't go far. Just sayin.)

  2. It should be a play room. With swings. No doubt about it.