three thoughts

This girl inspires me. one day, she commented on my blog. so naturally I took a gander at hers. and then we became friends. that never happens, I'm just not really one of those gals that makes a ton of blogging friends--- it's just not my style, I guess? But ohhh Paige, she's delightful. read that post. it's all the wisdom you need to survive.

I've been missing Jessy lately. just a little bit. just in small little things, ya know? like I wanted to watch an action movie the other night, and it was like 11:30, and she totally would have come over. and another time I needed to figure out what other movie an actor was on or something, and she'd have not given up until she figured it out IMDB-free! but ya know, this is the happiest I have ever seen Jessy. she is just bursting, and she's still just in Provo! proud friend am I. Even though I miss her sometimes, (which I know is totally completely absolutely healthy) the happiness and excitement still overpowers that little empty spot in my circle of peeps. I hope that lasts. I think it will!

I am just 2 chapters away from finishing Harry Potter 7. Why don't you just read them then, weirdo? because I don't want to!!! I DON'T WANT IT TO END, EVER! Harry Potter is one of those little corners of life that I escape to when crap hits the fan, ya know? to get lost in that big ol' Castle, that'd be nice. Oh that reminds me. someone needs to make a baby onsie that says "Expecto Pootronum"
call it.

And lastly, I love my mom.

Happy Thursday, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA WHITEHEAD!!!!!! (more on that later)


  1. Stop it, you generous wonderful human you. #blushingemoji

  2. My Best Friend left for her mission in March and I have been missing her like crazy. I also am a HP fanatic. I have read all books at least eight times! The best escape ever. I am loving your blog (found via Pinerest)