the long and winding road

I seem to be quite indecisive. I mean, I'm not looking at this as a problem. everyone is indecisive.
2 years ago I graduated high school. I planned to be a nurse.
Then I was having second thoughts, so I worked at an elementary school, and wanted to be a teacher. I took 2 classes at night, english and math, and failed one. (can you guess which one?!)
then after I was blindsided by the principal, and told I wouldn't be offered a job at the school again, I went home and I cried, and all of a sudden I decided I wanted to go to MATC.
I hated college, hated it, and I knew I would just end up being a stay-at-home mom anyways. So I frolicked on over to MATC and signed me up.
I like it, I do. And don't worry, I'm going to finish. and I'm going to be a medical assistant. but even with that on the agenda, I still see my life taking a more right-brained turn.
a turn that I absolutely love, and can't get enough of.

(I think I have posted something a lot like this post, but I can't find it. so that might be awkward.)

well hey. Happy Tuesday to you.

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