oh, PS.
I changed the title of this blog. once again. I have been thinking for a while that "the hollydays" was cute, but toooo... hmm, unoriginal? yes. I wanted some new title that wasn't expected, so I was going to say "The holly days and her holly ways" but man, that is just too long. not gon' happen.
so I shortened it, and I like it. I wanted something that would stick for a long long time, and I think this will. and it fits!
this my blog, telling and showing the WAYS that I live. the way I do things. the way I think. yada yada.
k now that word is starting sound weird. way. wayyy. WAYYY. way. waaay.
I'm done.
Happy Saturday! I'm off to the Bijou Market with my mother!
(you should go too. 116 West Center Street, Provo. your life will be changed!)

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