many colored notebooks

I have this habit. I've had it since I was old enough to walk to Target with my pals. I kind of... hoard notebooks. I actually still do it. I mean, I don't just buy them and keep them empty, no no. that would make me eligible for therapy.
I buy a notebook... and I take it with me to school and work and wherever I go, in case I get bored and need to doodle. Sometimes I'll buy one with a cute design on it, or (like my current one) it's just a plain color 5 Star notebook (orange, in case you were wondering)
I just found 2 boxes of old stuff .. you know that stuff that you don't do anything with but you need to keep in case your future offspring might want to take a gander. They were just short squatty boxes, but I found about 5 more notebooks. Most of them have:
1. Pages filled with doodles
2. artfully written quotes (I guess the obsession dates back to 2006)
3. Half-written notes to Easton and Jessy
4. "I love (insert name of current crush here)"
5. Drawings of people. that I made up. that look scary. cause I can't draw people. (oversized heads, that was always my problem)

so yeahhh. I was just thinking about that, that it's funny how I don't even realize how many I go through, but I go through TONS. (and sadly, not a single one is filled cause I always find one I like more before I finish it!)
These days, I carry it around for...
1. Doodles
2. Artfully written quotes
3. Half-written letters to Jessy and Allen
4. Storage of recent letters from said missionaries
5. Pages of practicing my signature. (Don't worry, Holly Robinson, not the last name of whoever is tickling my fancy at the moment. pfft.)

well, there you  have it. I'm sure I'll keep this habit up, and ya know, it's not that bad. You're probably picturing like, hundreds of notebooks. but There's only about 20. haha! and they are HIGHLY entertaining.
as for the journals, I think I'll be burning a select few pages. yikes.

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  1. Again, we are literally the same person! I need a t-shirt that says "journal hoarder" on it!