have you heard of "Humans of New York"?
if you haven't, you should go here now.
or here for face book, it'll make your day all the time. best thing to have on your news feed.
this guy has a degree and everything, but he decided that instead he wanted to walk around New York and take pictures of strangers. and talking to them. in a lot of the portraits, the caption is what really gets ya.
oh, and the older people, they can turn my day right around!
I'm a fan of people. I love people. and he captures all sorts of them every day, seriously all sorts.
no filter, no judgements. I love that.
here is kind of an introduction video, totally explains it all. 
what a cool guy.

in other news
I'm reading Pride & Prejudice. in hopes of becoming more cultured... PLUS I actually really like it! weird huh?
we'll see how long this lasts.

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