Hollygram - - - April

alriiiiight if you follow me on instagram, just stop reading now. 
here are me posts from the April-ish time.

 This is Ivy giving me moral support while I finished Harry Potter. It was not easy! It kinda becomes a part of your life, that magical world. still is!

 I was a little nervous to keep giving people shots, cause I was afraid I was goin' in too slow and what not. LUCKILY mama Jo is always prepared! hahaha. thank you, left-over needle and Mr. Orange.

 My nook. I'm getting way too comfortable. this was a study night, but as you can see, many many creations round about me! I like organized chaos. 

 my latest collection (I only have 2 collections, but saying "latest" makes it sound like I have a problem) is vintage post cards! adore these things, and they are cheap. plus they don't take up a lot of room. yeah, I'm talkin' to you LIFE magazines. 

 a little moment of forcing myself not to laugh right out loud at work. he gave me this after I gave him "where ya headed?" "aspen" "Ah! California! beautiful!"

 my latest stuff. so fun.

 see that skirt? used to be a dress. see that belt? covering up a trainwreck of a sewing job. (lets just say glue dots were involved)

 HA. she's got charisma.

 more watercolor wonders!

 On Saturday, mama and I went down to the Bijou Market, and then we were hungry, and you can't walk passed Sammy's and not get even more hungry. plus! it wasn't even crowded. (miracle) I won't go in there if I have to stand sandwiched between 5 strangers. not worth it. (ok yeah maybe it is). and look! Jo has now had the DT provo experience!

 I got ma hurr did.


I cannot wait for Peach season. breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stay Excellent.


  1. Isn't Ivy just like...so freakin cute? I mean really. And she's gotten so chubbers since you took those pictures! oh my girl. I love that dumbface one so stinkin much. Ok enough about Ivy. Umm is that an "I love you" I see? Goodness.

  2. I love your watercolors girl.
    You're very talented. And saying that is quite the understatement.
    xo Bre'an