here and clear

There is some scary stuff happening over here in America, and tonight I had a moment of worry thinking of where it's going. You know that moment, when you can't really think about anything else because when anxiety hits, you become selfish, and stuck in your own mind.

but then I decided to step out of that moment, and think hmm. this is not going to change anything. worrying is not going to change anything. I better just move on with life, because seriously, God has got this.
so I did. I made my thoughts change. I decided to trust in God, cause that's the most important thing. all this stuff, no matter how sad, it's all in the plan. be a bright shiny person.
The Gospel is here, and it is clear. and that's what brings true peace and happiness.
He knows what he's doing.
it's all good.

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  1. Sometimes it's hard for me not to think that way. While I was pregnant for some reason "the world is so horrible" thoughts were what would get me the most insane cry baby. I guess I just hate the thought of Ivy having to live in a world like this. But then again, we live in it, and we're okay. And we had great parents and the gospel who helped us survive this far, so I'm sure she'll be good too. And this comment is turning into my own blog on your blog.